PLANAT (2004)

Strategy «Protection against Natural Hazards»

Vision and Strategy


Former Councillor of States Hans Danioth (UR) filed a motion in the federal parliament on 29 September 1999, which requested a comprehensiv e and interlinked strategy for an improved protection against natural hazards in the Swiss Alps. In his response, the Federal Council extended the request to a strategy for the whole of Switzerland and not only limited to the Alpine areas. Federal Councillor Moritz Leuenberger, Minister for the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, mandated the national platform natural hazards (PLANAT) to deal with this motion. A working group appointed by PLANAT established a strategic vision as a first step and, subsequently, the herewith presented strategy «Protection against Natural Hazards».


Sicherheit vor Naturgefahren - Vision und Strategie (2004; deutsch)

Sécurité contre les dangers naturels - Concept et Stratégie (2004; français)

La sicurezza contro i pericoli naturali (2004; italiano)

Short Version Vision and Strategy (2005; deutsch, français, italiano, english)


Faltblatt (2002; de, fr)



Synthesis report:

Synthesebericht (deutsch)

Rapport de synthèse (français)