Educational trails and excursions

Educational trails and excursion ideas: Here you find links to offers concerning natural hazards which are particularly suitable for classes. 


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At the moment, eight educational trails are being built in the Swiss mountains. Their topics: natural hazards and protection forest. The trails, located at Grafenort, Altdorf, Werdenberg, Poschiavo, Morschach, Adelboden, Moléson and Anzonico, are financed and being built by an organisation training the awareness of people towards forest and natural hazards «Gruppe Öffentlichkeitsarbeit Wald und Naturgefahren» (GOWN), the environmental education organisation Silviva and the Elementary Damage-Pool.


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«Hydrological Excursions in Switzerland»

The excursion programme “Tracks along the Waterworld” creates spatial access to the topic of water. The main aim of such HADES-excursions is to provide an introduction to and in-depth information about hydrological facts. The main target audience of the excursions include: experts, schools, tourists, the general public, i.e. all of those for whom the topic of “water” is of interest.


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other educational trails and excursions

Information about other learning paths and excursions can be found here.