Period 2005-2008

Implementation of the action plan

The Swiss Federal Department for Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) is implementing the action plan by PLANAT together with the responsible Federal offices.


On 18th May, 2005, the Swiss Federal Council took cognizance of the synthesis report by PLANAT «Swiss Strategy for the Protection against Natural Hazards» and assigned DETEC, who will call in DDPS, FDHA, FDE, DFA and PLANAT:


  • to initiate the tasks, concerning risk policy, risk dialogue, monitoring of development, performance measurement and project management indicated in the motion for the next stage (2005-2007);
  • to report to the Swiss Federal Council on the accomplished work;
  • to develop an action plan for resolving activities and measures as of 2008.


The focal points of the action plan for the period 2005-2007 are as follows:


Further development of the «risk policy for natural hazards»

There are currently a series of different methods and tools for dealing with risks from natural hazard. The term «risk policy» means a universally valid model for dealing with security problems. It was developed in the technical field and should now find reinforced entrance in the field of natural hazards as «risk policy for natural hazards».

Integrated risk management recognizes risks of natural hazards based on this risk policy, allowing risk evaluation and reduction using the optimised combination of technical, economic, social and ecological protection measures. Specific guidelines as well as training and further training will help consolidate integrated risk management. The «risk policy for natural hazards» will be further developed by specific studies.


Risk dialogue and responsibilities

A wide realized dialogue should strengthen a risk culture of risk awareness supported by all players. Also responsibilities, structure and schedule of organizations on risk aware management of natural hazards should be optimised. Not regulated responsibilities for certain fields of natural hazards (p. ex. extreme temperatures, storm) should be clarified.


Performance measurement

In future, risks of natural hazards and invested resources for measures of protection should be systematically recorded and evaluated on an on-going basis in order to check the cost-effectiveness ratio.

Period 2009-2011

Implementation of the action plan

In response to the report from PLANAT, the Federal Council decided atits meeting on 6 March 2009 to continue the work based on an action planfor 2009-2011 and to remedy existing loopholes in the principles and instruments.

The required funding, amounting to around CHF 800'000 per annum, will bemade available by the federal departments involved (DETEC, DDPS, DHA ,DEA, DFA) within the limits of the resources available to them.


The key elements in the action plan for the period from 2009-2011 are as follows:


  • Integrated risk management (including fixing standard protection goals, providing practical guidelines, devising a range of basic and advanced training courses, conducting a preliminary study on a pilot project).
  • Adjustments and additions to principles and instruments (in particular additions and adjustments to instruments for risk analysis and evaluation, filling in gaps in knowledge, identification of ways to coordinate spatial and protection planning).
  • Responsibilities and risk dialogue (in particular a review of responsibilities at federal level from the standpoint of integrated risk management, introduction of a change management process and of a broad-based risk dialogue).
  • Performance measurement at a strategic level (in particular regular and systematic recording of the risks of natural hazards, special analysis of major incidents, regular and systematic recording of the resources used for protection against natural hazards, development at a strategic level of a performance measurement concept with a set of indicators).
  • International capacity building in SDC partner countries, integration into the international system.