Damage caused by natural forces in CH: an overview

The Vereinigung kantonaler Feuerversicherungen (Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies) provides information about the damage caused by natural forces in Switzerland in recent years. More information... 


Swiss Flood and Landslide Damage Database

In Switzerland storms cause damage amounting to approximately 318 million CHF every year (average for the years 1972-2014, taking inflation into account). Since 1972 the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL has been systematically collecting (based on newspapers) and analysed this damage on behalf of the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN. Damage originating from naturally triggered floods, debris flows, landslides and (since 2002) rockfalls have been considered. Not considered was damage from avalanches, snow pressure, earthquake, lithening, hail, windstorm and drought. The corresponding weather conditions were also noted in the database. In this way, a database with currently more than 19'000 entries has been generated.

>Link to the Swiss Flood and Landslide Damage Database (WSL)

Swiss forest fire statistics

The Jahrbuch 'Wald und Holz' (Forest and Wood Yearbook), which is published annually in German and French by the FOEN’s Forest Division, contains comprehensive data about the Swiss forest for the year in question. The forest fire statistics, which include information about the causes of forest fires and the damage they have caused since 1974 can be found on page 23 of the report.

Swiss avalanche statistics

The Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) publishes –among other things – its long-term avalanche incident statistics on its website.


Swiss hail statistics

The insurance company 'Hagel Schweiz' has been compiling statistics ondamage caused by hail storms since 1972


Statistics on global natural catastrophes and manmade disasters

The reinsurer Swiss Re publishes an annual report containing statistics on the natural catastrophes and manmade disasters that occurred in the course of the previous year. More information...