Natural hazards are a part of Swiss habitat. In 1997, the Swiss Federal Council founded the national platform PLANAT, with the aim to improve prevention. PLANAT has three main missions:



Strategic work

PLANAT works on a strategic level on prevention.

The platform is highly engaged in protecting the Swiss population, its natural environment and considerable material assets effectively against natural hazards. Protective measures are reconsidered and documented on periodically.

Creation of awareness

PLANAT works towards a long-term shift in handling natural danger-paradigms.

The committee promotes the shift from solely averting danger into a risk culture and makes sure that measures are being taken which are ecologically compatible, socially just and economically efficient. This cultural shift should make it possible to coherently discuss all prevention questions concerning natural hazards in the present and the future.


PLANAT sees to avoiding duplication and to an improved use of synergies.

PLANAT exchanges knowledge and experience on a national as well as on an international level.