«Hydrological excursions in Switzerland»

The excursion programme “Tracks along the Waterworld” creates spatial access to the topic of water. The main aim of such HADES-excursions is to provide an introduction to and in-depth information about hydrological facts. The main target audience of the excursions include: experts, schools, tourists, the general public, i.e. all of those for whom the topic of “water” is of interest.

All of the excursions in a given region can be undertaken independently of each other. However, it is also possible and, in fact, desirable to combine them. This provides an opportunity to get to know a previously unknown area or to discover new aspects of an already familiar area.

The excursion guides were compiled by a team of experts. They offer excellent insight into the selected topics and encourage conscious observation and questions. The text guides the users through the space and the topic. It triggers inspiration and curiosity for the user’s own discoveries, interpretations and “digressions”.

The excursion guides can be obtained individually or in sets of three and five per region. They can be stored in a box which also provides space for additional copies. The series “Wege durch die Wasserwelt”  (“Tracks along the Waterworld”) is constantly being expanded and enhanced by topics from other regions (Federal Office for the Environment, Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland, Tracks along the Waterworld, Hydrological Excursions in Switzerland).



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