Measures to counter thunderstorms

Since thunderstorms are unpredictable, and occur rather locally, it is extremely difficult to forecast where a thunderstorm will occur and what the storm path will be. Buildings can be protected from catching fire using lightning conductors. However, these do not prevent damage to electronic equipment in the building, caused by electrical overload.


Personal measures
  • If you are outside during a storm, you should seek shelter inside a building or in a closed vehicle.
  • If a storm takes you by surprise in a forest, remain in the forest but stay away from the forest edge and isolated trees.
  • Do not stay in a lake, stream, river or swimming pool during a storm.
  • Do not touch any conductive substances like metal, wire rope and wet rock face.
  • If you are in an open field, crouch down (if possible in a hollow), keep your feet close to each other and your arms by your side. You are least likely to be struck by lightening in this position.