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At the moment, eight educational trails are being built in the Swiss mountains. Their topics: natural hazards and protection forest. The trails, located at Grafenort, Altdorf, Werdenberg, Poschiavo, Morschach, Adelboden, Moléson and Anzonico, are financed and being built by an organisation training the awareness of people towards forest and natural hazards «Gruppe Öffentlichkeitsarbeit Wald und Naturgefahren» (GOWN), the environmental education organisation Silviva and the Elementary Damage-Pool.


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«The forest is a vital part of our lives. It harbours a myriad of plants and animals, it offers us a quiet space to recover and take some time off; by using wood we gain an extremely eclectic raw material and the forest protects us from natural hazards. On the schutz.wald.mensch ( we come across the traces of such forces of nature and experience in an impressive way how exactly a protection forest works. This experience should contribute to anchoring the importance of the protection forest in our minds and actions.»

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