Internet portal PLANAT

The Internet portal enables PLANAT to present a forum making available information about the whole topic of natural hazards. By supporting communication on risks PLANAT intends to raise awareness about natural hazards and to improve the taking of responsibility by individuals. The information platform has been working in this way since 2003, with its partner organisations.

Main Problem:

How can the risk philosophy be promoted?

How can PLANAT make itself better known outside the technical circle?



The main way PLANAT promotes the risk philosophy is via its own website The Internet has various advantages such as its reach, the ability to stay up to date and the possibilities of interactive communications. It is suitable for exchanging know-how between experts and as a medium for giving information to the general public. Anyone interested can find literature, photos, presentations and a variety of information about technical offices in Switzerland and in other countries. All non-commercial organisations that mainly deal with the prevention of natural hazards can be presented on the website free of charge, and make their own input.


Activities 2000-2003