Over the period from 2000-2003 PLANAT concentrated on the following measures:

  • Public relations

Risk communication is an important part of integrated risk management. PLANAT promotes the risk philosophy in which different media are used for different target audiences. The Internet is the most important medium for promotion of the risk philosophy. The www.planat.ch website, which the commission set up and takes care of, acts as the Internet platform and central point for answering questions on the risk of natural hazards. The reputation of PLANAT among non-experts should increase through its increased presence at events and conferences.

  • Project work

PLANAT mainly initiates and supports projects and actions, which involve the areas of vulnerability, risk and integrated risk management. Each year, PLANAT awards a research prize for an exceptional study in the area of natural hazards, dealing with a strategic focal area for PLANAT.

  • Synergies

PLANAT aims to improve the use of synergies. There should be increased collaboration with organisations competent in the area of preventing and combating natural hazards. In the future, this know-how should be made more available to developing countries and countries in transition. Therefore, PLANAT is promoting the exchange of information with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).


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