Diagram of a landslide

Tension fissures

Tension fissures are the fissures or the fissure system in solid and loose rock which occur when a critical state of stress is passed by creep or slide motion. Tension fissures indicate increased slope instability and can mark the start of rockfalls or landslides.


Fracture recess

The fracture recess is a hollow at the top of the sliding landslide mass.


Landslide material

The landslide material is the material moved by a landslide.


Shearing, fracture or sliding surface

The shearing, fracture or sliding surface marks the boundary between the sliding landslide material and the substratum.


Landslide toe

The bottom of the landslide material which extends beyond the sliding surface and lies above the original surface of the ground is called the landslide toe or foot.