Measures against landslides

Personal measures
  • Reinforcement of floor slabs and external walls in existing buildings.
  • Installation of drainage pipes for rainwater, slope drainage.
  • Planting of slopes that are vulnerable to landslides with deep-rooted trees and shrubs.
Technical/biological measures
  • Drainage and/or grading of slope profiles increase the shear resistance 
  • Supporting structures such as anchors and piles (pinning of the slip plane) can restrain landslides
  • Removal of material in the 'driving' section, or material deposition in the 'braking' section, can prevent further descent of the sliding body
  • Protective forest


Planning measures and local protection
  • The use of slopes prone to landslides must be avoided, or uses suitably modified
  • Hydraulic and electrical connections must be flexible.


Organisational measures
  • The relatively long advance warning period permits timely evacuation.