Classification of natural hazards

Natural hazards include all natural processes and effects that can be harmful to human life and material assets. Natural hazards are classified in three groups based on their causes: 


Hydrological/meteorological natural hazards
  • Flood: overflow of watercourse or water body, bank erosion, overbank sedimentation 
  • Storm: thunderstorm, hail storm, winter storm 
  • Avalanche (snow and ice avalanche) 
  • Cyclone 
  • Tsunami 
  • Cold wave 
  • Drought/heat
  • Forest fire


Geological natural hazards
  • Mass movements: landslide, rockfall/block fall, rock avalanche, rock slide
  • Earthquake 
  • Volcano


Biological natural hazards *
  • Pests, invasive plant species


* Not dealt with by PLANAT.