The first task to be carried out in the aftermath of a natural hazard event is to make all living space safe. Hence, the associated reconstruction measures include the temporary protection of the affected areas. The main priority here is providing adequate protection for living space.

Securing living space
  • Restoration of key infrastructure
  • Permanent measures for the protection of damaged buildings and infrastructure
  • Comprehensive hazard assessment of strongly affected areas


Learning lessons

The following steps should be carried out in the immediate aftermath of a natural hazard event:

  • Identification and permanent protection of floodplains, drainage corridors, crash areas and avalanche areas
  • It is particularly important that the space requirement of flowing water bodies be respected


Informing the population

The population is particular sensitive and vulnerable in the aftermath of a natural hazard event. Hence, communication with the population is particularly important at this time. The need for information and the consideration of citizen’s concerns is considerable.

This period of heightened awareness can also be used by the authorities to communicate on matters relating to preparedness and natural hazards.