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An attempt is being made today to establish a comprehensive and uniform approach to natural hazard management at federal, cantonal and communal levels under the heading of integrative risk management.


With regard to hazard prevention (prevention) the communes must create hazard maps for all settlement areas. The aim of this project is to establish a forward-looking approach to natural hazard management and to create the possibility for timely action and not just reaction to hazard events. Nonetheless, each commune must also consider the management of its hazard areas and natural events. The following questions must be raised and answered: Which protection measures have been taken, which guarantees can we offer, which insurance policies must be completed?

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Training event

Risk dialogue


Representatives of the cantonal, communal and national authorities exchange experience and information in the context of the risk dialogue and pass it on to the population. PLANAT promotes the opportunities for dialogue in a variety of ways and, through this website, provides a platform for the exchange of information and experience on dealing with natural hazards. The networking and linking of the different actors is a declared objective of


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