16-17 of May 2018

Workshop on Forecasting in a Time of Enormous Data: AI for Disaster Management and Securtiy

Vienna, Austria

The EUROSINT FORUM and SAIL LABS Technology are pleased to invite you on a two-day workshop. This workshop aims to gather European security and intelligence practitioners around the topic of disaster management either as a consequence of a natural event, industrial accident or a major security incident and the challenge of forecasting in the age of Artificial Intelligence and enormous data.


This workshop is open to all public representatives and members of the EUROSINT Forum. If you are not a member and you wish to attend, please contact us.



Aim of the Workshop

By automatically collecting, classifying, enriching and displaying data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies could significantly enhance information analysis and decision making in crisis situation. The technological issue of handling large amount of data in a challenging environment where the infrastructure might be severely degraded requires careful consideration. A better understanding of how to combine the best of human and machine intelligence is key to improve forecasting and to reduce uncertainty during crisis. Participants will be invited to explore the benefits of AI technologies in crisis response and to look at how this innovation could be used by security and disaster management experts.


The language of the workshop will be English.


Registration Procedure?

Please contact the EUROSINT FORUM team (team(at)eurosint.eu), if you wish to register to this event. Space is limited, please be so kind to express your interest in participating by 23rd of March 2018.


Registration is free to attend. Participants will have to cover their own travel, accommodation and living costs.

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